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My Monochrome Preset for Aperture 2.0 December 9, 2009

Filed under: Aperture 2.0,Beginner Tips — Bakari Chavanu @ 5:54 am

There are are severl dozens of ways to do black and white conversions in various image editing programs. Entire books are devoted to the subject. But when I’m working in a Aperture 2.0, I start with the two basic settings described below.

The original color version.


My Preset for Monochrome Adjustment


My Preset for Sepia Tone


I like adding a touch of Sepia to my monochrome version in order to get rid of the stark grayscale conversion of my images. This particularly works well for portraits. Sometimes, when I’m not satisfied with the results, I use options in Photoshop.

The Monochrome Version


My monochrome version combines a mix of monochrome and a mix of sepia. See the presets I use for for both below.


2 Responses to “My Monochrome Preset for Aperture 2.0”

  1. Paul Says:

    Thanks for sharing these – they look great on some large groups I just shot – I warmed up the sepia a couple of notches for my own eyes, but the monochrome is a great base!

  2. bakari Says:

    Thanks for the feedback, Paul. I think just like with color, monochrome and sepia is going look slightly different from various computer monitors.

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