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How to use this site October 6, 2008

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This site is for both beginning and advance photographers and Mac computer users.

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3 Responses to “How to use this site”

  1. Brian Sheridan Says:

    I am a beginning Photographer and I really enjoy your sight. I am also a mac user and I plan on reading your sight cover to cover. I am a vary motivated photographer and my job allows me to travel to exotic locations to shoot. I am currently shooting a canon rebel 300 that was a hand me down. I plan on upgrading to the 50D and would like some advice on lens selection. I want to get the canon 18-200mm as a primary lens and the 10-22mm as a wide angle. I will be going to London, France, and Poland soon and want something I can shoot all the historical architecture with. What do you think would a good third lens would be? I was thinking a straight 50mm for portraits. Please let me know.

    Your newest Fan

    • bakari Says:

      Brian, I would get the 70-200mm f/2.8, the 50mm, and a wide angle lens for your trip. And maybe an all around kit lens that comes with the 50D. If you can swing it, you might want to get the Canon Powershot G10– a compact camera for when you don’t feel like taking all the heavier stuff. I actually use my G9 when I go on vacation trips with my family. Thank you for revisiting the site. I need to start getting more content posted.

  2. Jeff Says:

    Hi, I got a copy of your digital photography guide via a handout on a technical website. I would like to use it on our photography group web site here in Colorado Springs. We have a group of photographers that range from very beginners to advanced. It is a free website and we have meetings to learn and share about photography. You manual would help out a lot of our beginners.

    Can I post it, unchanged of course, on our web site? I will make sure you and your site are credited. The site is:

    Thanks, jeff

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